We! A simple, strong word. In a single sentence, “We the people,” it carries the strength of a nation born.

That is worth pondering as enemies of the United States seek to divide and conquer us, to sever our connection to “We.” How are they doing it? Their strategy is really pretty simple. They frame all our issues in the terms of “Me,” a basic tactic in the strategy of divide and conquer. They convince us we are being taken advantage of or abused in some form, so we end up thinking in terms of me instead of we.

They seek to divide our nation by turning our two-party system into a zero-sum game, focused on power rather than the common good. Both of our political parties have proven sadly vulnerable to that enticing tactic. As a result, the degree of violence and misunderstandings in our country has been extreme and impervious to mediations of more rational times.

It has been pathetically easy for those forces to hack our social media systems and to turn a tool of connections into a powerful divisive force. We have some work to do there, neighbors, if we hope to calm the social divisions rife in our country and restore some sense of unity as a nation.

It’s a time that calls for patient calmness rather than flaming replies on social media and posts that do nothing but inflame our society in response to foreign manipulation. We are neighbors not enemies.

Remember, “We the people.”

Andris Vezis


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