Falling apart

What a difference a year makes. One short year ago, we were energy independent, gas prices low, our southern border relatively secure and inflation nearly non-existent.

Today, we have managed to shut down oil drilling, close oil pipelines and watch our gas and heating prices skyrocket. Inflation is rising to over 6% hurting the retired folks and low-income families. Our southern border is allowing hundreds of thousands of migrants to cross into our country and be flown and bussed with no COVID testing or vaccinations. Meanwhile, our border with Canada has been shut down for nearly two years.

If this makes sense to you, then keep voting Democrat.

Lawrence Pirkle

Mount Vernon

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Rich A

Had the previous president done his job, the devastating results of the pandemic could have been greatly lessened. As far as gas price go, you should know that prices are set by OPEC, not the White House. (Don't you remember how they shot up under the Bush presidency?) Lastly, both mainstream Democrats and Republicans understand that our nation's infrastructure has become dilapidated. Why, then, did almost every Republican vote against job-producing legislation to repair roads, bridges, and schools that are falling apart?

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