As I look around at the fallen icons of our once great country, I’m struck by the fact that it takes so long for the truth to find its way to the surface.

The wide and vicious swath of Manifest Destiny has been with us since the early 19th century and is very active to this day. It seems to be born of political expediency and shrouded in fear, lies and misinformation. Even Facebook can’t get away with it, and I’m quite sure that Trump will soon get his followers to put their red hats back on and start spewing lies concerning pandemic mandates, constitutional rights and Democrat pedophiles, not to mention his claim about the election that Joe Biden so boldly stole.

Can’t “we just move on” as Condoleezza Rice suggests? How does one begin to “get along” with a party that would take away the voting rights of some Americas, who would reject the constitutionally protected right of abortion, who would accept lies, fake news and even suggest weakening the rights of a free press and censoring the free speech of journalists who would speak the truth to power, who would conspire with a foreign nation to corrupt the political will and stability of our democratic nation?

I have to admit that Trump was right when he said that the system was rigged. He should know; he’s doing everything he can to rig it.

Larry Collinge


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