Thanks to Donald Trump, many families are now repaying payday loans given in his so-called tax relief plan. He got his way, Americans everywhere took home more in take-home pay and they spent it just like he planned. GDP went up, the market climbed and all was well until tax time showed up. Nowhere in his chest-beating did he say anything about revised tax withholding tables.

The Mafia is more honest about stealing our money than he was. The government warns us about scams perpetrated by inmates in prison, yet the fleecing of America's flock of taxpayers seems to be an institutional past time.

I'm sure it was there somewhere in the fine print, but nobody spoke about it. Trump intentionally misled America by minimizing the effects of taking away deductions we used to get. There was never a mention of updating W4s, but it wouldn't have mattered anyway since those tables were published far after the law was passed.

How can Trump sleep at night knowing he is balancing the budget by crushing law-abiding citizens with interest and penalties for following lousy instructions written by the bureaucracy he controls? Why doesn't he declare a tax emergency and sign an executive order waiving under-withholding penalties for all taxpayers this year?

A bold leader would fix this without hesitation, which is exactly why nothing has been done.

Karen Correa

Mount Vernon

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