Driving north on I-5 around 4:15 p.m. on a recent day with my wife by my side caused me some concern, given the number of vehicles without headlights or taillights showing, despite fading daylight.

It reminded me of those who won’t take simple, necessary precautions during the pandemic, such as wearing a mask when inside or getting a free and easily accessible series of vaccinations.

Rather than paying attention to what’s going on around them, they blissfully drive on at 65 mph, virtually invisible to others, while they take full advantage of everyone else’s headlights, the lighting overhead, oblivious to their own safety or those around them, ignoring that simple flip of a switch that would protect us all.

As with those who refuse to do the simple things experts ask, such as getting the jabs or wearing masks, they count on the rest of us to care for them, to take precautions on their behalf and to watch out for their safety.

Of course, I’ll continue to do so. But I am really tired of watching out for the safety of others when simple precautions are so readily available, but so selfishly ignored.

David E. Johnson

Mount Vernon

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