Consider the fallout if Fully Contained Communities (FCC) are approved in Skagit County. I understand the county commissioners will be voting on this important issue in November.

I speak not only for myself but many with whom I am in contact. Some are newcomers to this unique and beautiful county, others born and raised and those in between.

At a time such as this on our planet, when green spaces and trees help abate the devastating consequences of climate change, it is imperative that we help by keeping as much open space as possible.

I may be naïve, but I do not see the necessity to become an escape haven for residents who are tired of density and gridlock in their own cities. If FCCs are approved in Skagit, the county will soon look like the places people hoped to leave behind them.

The impact on our roads and the services that must be paid for should be a major consideration. I trust our commissioners speak for the people, and they will protect us from the kind of growth that would be inevitable if the door is opened to FCCs in rural areas.

During COVID, many places in the U.S. are suffering shortages, even in food. Here in our bountiful county, we are blessed to have farmers of all kinds providing quality foods for us. For decades to come, food will be all the more important and perhaps in short supply as all states build upon the precious farmland. Let that not happen to the enviable soil we have in Skagit County.

Consider making your wishes heard on this issue, and ask the commissioners not to approve FCCs.

R. Jeane Smith


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