Three months ago while doing risky work alone, I fell from a ladder, fracturing my pelvis and tearing shoulder muscles.

Lying immobilized, I called my spouse, then 911, using “Siri.” The 911 operator was professional, staying on the call until first responders arrived — Skagit County Alger Fire District 14's volunteer EMT crew of young, competent firefighters.

After carefully stabilizing me, a Burlington Fire Department ambulance and paramedic team arrived to transport me to Skagit Valley Hospital.

The ER medical team stayed with me for six hours, through tests and more stabilization. They were very professional and patient.

These medical citizens were still dealing with the ongoing pandemic stressors but were nevertheless courteous and caring.

I was under observation for three days in the hospital. The medical staff treated me with genuine concern and dignity, along with first-rate care. Three weeks later I underwent surgery and again I received professional pre-op, op and post-op care.

The reader may ask, "What is his point?" Simply stated, I wish to express my "opinion" based on my personal experience, and not what the media feeds us.

It is this. Our public servants, volunteers and professionals alike, make up our community's best qualities: concern for their fellow citizens with dedication to their profession. I made sure to personally thank the 911 operator and each medical worker who cared for me.

I thought that they all can use public recognition, and I hope this may stimulate other readers to submit positive opinions about our community, our nation and our world.

Goodness knows, we all could use hope and trust in the midst of the current blaming, pontificating, whining national atmosphere.

It is encouraging that everyday Americans, including retail workers, teachers and other front-line workers, are still in the trenches quietly going about their tasks.

Mike Hackett


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