I frequently shop in and visit Anacortes and Mount Vernon and would love to see the cities pass a single-use plastic bag ban. This would be a forward-looking and responsible ordinance. Some basic arguments are:

n Plastics do not decompose, they break down into small bits.

n Plastics and their residue are toxic and ubiquitous — in land, water, animals and in us.

n It’s morally reprehensible to use an item for few minutes and throw it away when it does not decompose.

n The ordinance would apply to single-use carry out bags only; not produce or other plastic bags and need not to apply to vouchers or benefits cards.

n Thirty-one local governments in Washington now have plastic bag bans.

California has a state-wide single-use plastic bag ban and six months after the legislation went into effect, surveys showed 86% of customers bring their own bags and 61% fewer paper bags were being used.

It’s easy to bring your own bag. I’ve been doing it for 30-plus years. A bag-ban ordinance is for the greater good and would be an important step toward caring for our future.

(Statistics are from a presentation to the White Salmon City Council in July 2019.)

Julia Hurd


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