The alarms for the disasters we experience today were sounded by scientists 50 years ago.

What have we gained by holding onto our ancient ways of thinking and the divisions created by selfish politicians? The impacts of climate change are environmentally real. Melting ice sheets, species extinctions, warming environments increasing diseases and deadly pandemics.

Climate change threatens our economy. Weather extremes, as any farmer should know, lead to food insecurity, which can exacerbate poverty, creating conditions promoting violence, despair and terrorism. These things put our national security at risk. Unstable climates make for an unstable world. We've had an unstable president for four years who has put every American in harm's way by denying not only climate change but by denying COVID-19 and the deadly impacts of the virus.

This suffering will not cease. We will not be safer or more secure by reelecting a divider, a denier, a person who instills fear in Americans for the things they should least be fearful of. We cannot go on in this sickened environment under sickened leadership, that consistently heaps on more suffering to feed his ego and pocketbook. It takes a compassionate person to act responsibly, making sure all Americans have a healthier, safer life now and in the future.

When voting, we should ask these questions: 

Does this person work to unify all Americans? Do his actions bring peace? Is he committed to democracy and respecting the law?

Does he reject despots and dictators? Does he embrace science? Does he embrace kindness, honesty and good moral character? 

Teresa Dix

Mount Vernon

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