Homelessness in Mount Vernon isn't on its way. It's here and there is virtually nothing we can do to fix it.

Mount Vernon will be discussing religious organizations hosting people living in cars on their property. They talk about tiny houses, accessory dwelling units — all are good and all of these will still be insufficient to fix the problem.

Mayor Jill Boudreau and her staff are trying; we can't lay the blame for this at their feet because it's beyond their ability to change. It isn't a lack of caring or desire to help. It's a structural problem, and it's already too big to fix.

Homelessness here it isn't a local issue. It's a regional/national issue overflowing into rural areas like the Skagit Valley. If Seattle and Los Angeles haven't fixed homelessness with endless buckets of money, how are we supposed to be different?

The CEO of Los Angeles’ Union Rescue Mission lost his leg by merely interacting with the people he was helping. He called Skid Row a petri dish of disease. They are seeing typhoid fever, exploding tuberculosis rates and even bubonic plague. (L.A. Weekly)

In Mount Vernon, we see feel-good stories of limited victories and those give us hope, but we need a national plan.

It's far past time to get Congress to work on this. Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi need to work on it now. It should be the leading priority for Congress, and this is where you can help.

I really don't care where you sit on the border wall, Sharia law, Russian election interference, UFOs, impeachment, GMO seeds, Hillary's emails or tariffs. Take a minute and matter. Use the power of the pen, the ability to be heard, and start writing to Congress. Demand that they start saving lives now.

Scott Correa

Mount Vernon

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