If you are a fan of mass shootings, then you owe letters of thanks to the following:

The NRA for its long-standing successful fight to allow assault weapons and high-capacity magazines to be available to almost anyone, resulting in thousands of assault weapons in the hands of the deranged and of white supremacists.

Our president, who has made a political career out of fanning the flames of racism, thus giving a nod of approval to all racists.

About now you probably think that I am an anti-gun nut. Wrong. I've owned and used firearms since 1959. I introduced my son to the appropriate and safe use of firearms. He has been a successful hunter through most of his adult life. He doesn't need a high-capacity assault weapon.

There is absolutely no legitimate reason for anyone other than the military and police to own an assault weapon or any weapon with a magazine capacity of more that 10 cartridges.

We need to send a strong message to Sen. Mitch McConnell to allow sensible gun control legislation to be introduced in the Senate now.

The Democrats approved background checks in the House in February, but McConnell has sat on it in the Senate. He needs to reconvene the Senate and pass that legislation this month.

There is no reason to wait until September. How many more innocent people need to die this month?

Terry Williams

Mount Vernon

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