In regard to climate change, the fact is by far most experts who have studied this for years say it's real and mostly man made. A much smaller number, who are on the payroll of the fossil fuel companies, say it is not.

All that aside, what will the result be if we ignore the experts, but it turns out they were right? What will the results be if we believe them and work to reduce global warming?

In the first case, we are taking a huge risk that we will leave a horrible climate for our children and grandchildren. In the second case, what can it hurt to clean up this planet that we have clearly polluted in so many ways?

Isn't it time for us to clean up the air, water and land that we have dirtied up for generations?

The oceans have tons of plastic and junk everywhere.

The coral reefs are dying, which will affect all the seafood we depend on.

The glaciers are melting at an ever-increasing pace.

Clean drinking water is getting harder to find.

Why people can't see this is beyond me. 

Wake up, global warming is real, and the risk of doing nothing is not worth taking. We all gain from making our environment cleaner and healthier. We all lose, and only the fossil fuel companies gain if we don't.

John Kuntz

La Conner

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