Impeaching the president is very important if we still want to call our country a democracy. Every citizen who holds the Constitution sacred should be up in arms about this issue, since the Constitution is currently being torn to shreds by this renegade administration, with Republican support.

Impeachment is what the Constitution calls for — it’s the law. Unfortunately, the Moscow-Mitch-controlled GOP Senate, which has no regard for the law or Constitution, disagrees. Since both the House and Senate must be in accord, impeachment is bound for failure.

Trump, a con man extraordinaire, would come out from such a process exclaiming he was innocent the whole time with no collusion or obstruction of justice and would call it all a witch-hunt by those who hate America.

He doesn’t need more than this and the Electoral College in one significant red state to “win” this time, and should he lose, would probably refuse to leave, claiming the election was rigged against him. What would happen then?

This impeachment dead-end is very troublesome for the Democrats, but does not leave them powerless.

The House can censure the president, which might be a significantly better alternative. Such a condemnation, although leaving Trump as president, would forever put a black mark on his presidency.

The Senate 64 years ago censured the bullying demagogue, Sen. Joe McCarthy of Wisconsin, from which he never recovered.

The Democrats can’t wait any longer. The evidence against Trump is overwhelming. Should the House Democrats let this opportunity slip away, they need to go.

We need representatives who can make the GOP representatives do what the Constitution requires — not chickens running around exclaiming “the sky is falling, the sky is falling!”

Helge Andersson


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