I am really tired of our inept governor who can't even manage leadership of the state he was elected to head, running around the country, campaigning for another office on state taxpayers' money.

If Inslee wants to run for another office, let him — after he has resigned the governorship and as long as he uses his own money in such an ill-fated endeavor.

The idea that Washington taxpayers have to pay his salary and that of his security detail while he is out on this wild goose chase — hint, he won't win — ought to be against the law. It certainly isn't anywhere close to morally right.

Our governor ought to quit this insane effort, come back to Washington, see what he can do to clean up the mess at DSHS and resign. He's already shown that he's interested in doing something else rather than "running" the state.

L. Richard Bowyer

Mount Vernon 

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