Almost everyone agrees the situation with George Floyd was wrong. The officer that committed the crime is being charged with murder. This is justice as it should be.

You protesters need to ask yourselves a question. If one of your relatives committed a crime should your whole family be found guilty? That is what is happening to all the good officers. They are being lumped into one group.

Think about the local officers in our own county that were killed or severely wounded while trying to protect us.

It's amazing about the hypocrisy going on with these protests.

Three Black men got in a fight in Seattle and an innocent person was killed. People want to go back in time. Does anyone remember a Black man killing four innocent police officers while they were eating? Any protests about these?

There were over 400 shooting deaths in just Chicago last year and more the previous year. Just last week in Chicago there were more than 100 shootings and more than 10 dead including a young girl. A Black woman even went on the news to say the biggest problem now is Black men killing each other.

There were three shootings in the safe zone on Capital Hill. One dead, one critical and one treated. Where were the protests? Apparently not all Black lives matter.

People are using this situation to destroy our country. If someone broke windows and robbed a store they would be in jail. If we went to someone's home and destroyed their lawn ornaments because we disagreed with them they would call the police.

People, protesting or not, do not have the right to destroy what doesn't belong to them, but they just don't care. Let's quit protesting and try to do some good. All lives should matter.

Donna Burton


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Rich A

Most of the people protesting are not black. They are protesting the injustice that continues to be a plague on our nation.

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