It’s about power and priority.

And every last politician who works to get re-elected faces this decision point.

Take Mitch McConnell, for example. The most important thing in his political career is himself and his own power. Without power, he cannot effect change or hold the status quo as he sees fit.

He must have power in order to accomplish anything, which means that he literally puts himself over everything else … over his own state (otherwise, why would he launder Russian oligarch money to build an aluminum plant?), over his own party (or he would not accept the train wreck it has become), and finally over his own nation (refusing to work toward safer elections), which clearly comes dead last in all his thinking.

That’s the level of priority in his life. It is not surprising that the nation gets short shrift, that he lies with impunity, despite recorded video, that he trades with foreign criminal elements, and that he violates his own oath of office. It all gives him power to do what he wants to do. And every other politician in the U.S. faces this same decision.

Fortunately, they do not all prioritize the way Moscow Mitch does.

Kenneth Field


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