Sen. Liz Lovelett deserves our support to continue working for us in Olympia.

Lovelett knows our local issues and brings her experience as a small-business owner, a single mom and a five-year member of the Anacortes City Council to the state Legislature. When she was appointed to the Senate midway through the last legislative session, she was able to bring a new perspective to Olympia, speaking passionately for young families struggling to keep food on the table and provide health care for their children.

She knows firsthand the impacts of mandates on local government. She knows what our schools are facing because she has two young daughters in our schools.

She was able to pass a bill that permanently protects Blanchard Mountain. She has been an environmental champion earning the support of the Washington Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club. 

She has strong support from many labor organizations because of her past work and strong commitment to the Blue Green Alliance, which is striking a balance between jobs and environmental protections. She is continuing her work to find solutions for homelessness and affordable housing, which she developed on the City Council.

Lovelett is the only candidate with government experience. Please vote for Sen. Liz Lovelett and return your ballots by Aug. 6.

Rita Sullivan


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