My heart goes out to the 70 workers who will be unemployed come Thanksgiving. Like a vast majority of Skagitonians, they ask only for a job with decent pay and a chance for their children to succeed.

And now their jobs and hopes have been destroyed by a pathologic liar who has traded their well-being for his own ego. President Trump has more interest in showing the Chinese what a tough guy he is than he has in the welfare of his citizens.

In the meantime, his Republican backers are more concerned about their own jobs than they are in their country. Aren’t there any honorable Republicans who have the guts to stand up to this would-be tyrant? Mitt Romney has spoken up, but it seems that Mitch McConnell and his ilk are so scared of Trump that they deny all facts concerning his threat to withhold military aid to Ukraine until they kowtow to his political desires.

Terry Williams

Mount Vernon

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