"The Morning Paper," a poem by Mary Oliver, notes that newspapers document the disasters nations, including ours, create for ourselves.

"What keeps us from falling down, our faces to the ground; ashamed, ashamed?" it reads.

We are now seeing children held in cages, unbridled misogyny, divisiveness, bullying, daily lies, tax cuts for millionaires, betrayal of the Constitution and the blatant destruction of the environment ... all this and more and not a blush of shame from the Republican Party.

I hope that in 2020 so-called progressives don't decide to "punish" the Democratic party and country again. Last election because they didn't get the candidate they wanted to run for president, about 800,000 threw their votes away, 12 percent to Trump and the rest backed minor-party candidates.

Four more years under this kind of destructive leadership will surely ruin the future of this nation and planet. Isn't the world much too good to be lost in all our selfishness?

Teresa Dix

Mount Vernon

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