Affordable versus subsidized housing.

Like so many things in life, education, sound behavior and self-discipline are the key elements in economic success and affording housing.

It is the rarity where people are in comfortable habitat that do not have these. Some residents fall on harder times and can seek help from our housing authority.

The thought that we can make our housing affordable to newcomers of limited means flies in the face of the unbreakable law of supply and demand.

To use taxpayer money, no matter the origin, to level the high demand for Anacortes residency with the limited housing options is a bottomless pit I hope the council won’t dump our money into.

In the 1950s high-rise government housing was built, aka, “the Projects.” If government housing is thought to end poverty, that is incorrect thinking; education, sound behavior and self-discipline do.

Where the discussion of housing goes in the coming weeks, let us use the proper terms. As residents, we all want affordable housing.

Our local government officials should use the more accurate term, subsidized housing.

Douglas Thurber


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