Several years ago, I took a class on problem solving. The teacher read a lengthy story with many problems. The purpose was to identify the root problem where all the many came from. 

I was eighth in line to give an answer but believed the answer would be given before the teacher reached me. I sat surprised as I listened to seven wrong answers and wondered why so many could not see the root problem. Yet, we are doing the same when looking at the many social ills of our culture today.

We have not named the root problem from where all our hurts comes from. If we want to enjoy a better, more loving, non-violent society, we must name the root source from where the many evils originate.

Murder and mass murder, like we have experienced once again in Ohio and Texas, is a present-day evil, and we need to name the root from where this originates. 

Guns are not the root problem. If we removed all guns from Earth, murders would still occur. We need to know what produces a murderer.

So what is the root of all our many tribulations? The answer will not come from our government. From the beginning, Christianity has not and still does not name the sin in Eden. Once we know what sin removed us from the first paradise, we will have the answer to what needs to end in order to have the last paradise, heaven on Earth. When naming the sin in Eden, we do name the root of all our social ills. 

Marilyn Taplin

Mount Vernon

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