What is it with Americans and guns? When will the gun violence stop?

Before August was over we were up to 306 mass shootings and counted seven more in the first two days of September, including the 14-year-old boy in Elkmont, Alabama, who shot his whole family of five.

January (45), February (36), March (12), April (25), May (49), June (37), July (34), August (68), Sept 1-2 (7). Total: 313 dead. The death toll in 2018 was 336 for the whole year. (INSIDER)

The terror behind addressing the Second Amendment and unlimited gun rights is inexplicable and sad. The requirements for gun ownership should be even stricter than for a driver’s license.

We register cars; why not guns?

Many world records are pride-worthy, but mass killings isn’t one of them. In my opinion there’s no difference between President Assad of Syria and Republican Sen. “Moscow-Mitch” McConnell, who takes Russian money, via the bankrupt/corrupt NRA, whose self-serving executives have been swindling its members for years. (Mother Jones)

The Second Amendment rights upheld by President Putin? What a joke.

Cheers to Walmart for taking the first steps to curb the gun pandemic; but until people start inundating the lawmakers’ offices to show their anger over gun violence, please stop with the vigils, prayers and condolences. They don’t mean anything. Sympathy without action is being complicit, and “denial of evil, in itself, is evil” ("Racial hatred still thrives," Letters, Aug. 4).

If people seriously want to stop the gun insanity, then make sure the lawmakers hear you loud and clear, because most politicians are tone deaf — except to the sound of the cash register.

We’re not paying them to sit on their hands and definitely not for endless obituaries.

Status quo is unacceptable.

A. Helge Andersson


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