People who voted for this crazy president must be proud.

He's made just about every list there is, for example: "The 21 Traits of a Psychopath," and he fits perfectly into "The 14 defining Characteristics of Fascism." For those who claim to be good Christians, there are the "10 Commandments;" the "Seven Deadly Sins" and thanks to one Trumper who wrote in ... he even made the list of the "Six Things the Lord Hates," although there are actually seven, the seventh being "Arrogant (haughty) eyes."

Trump would never be able to live by the "Boy Scout Oath" ... You know, trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.

So, we ask ourselves, who would vote for this empty shell? I honestly believe that people who vote for such a person are completely devoid of human kindness and would love to believe they are a superior race.

In order to be superior without working at it, or educating themselves, they simply bully other people — another Trump specialty. He feels safe bullying women and basks in an environment of white supremacists, wrapped in the American flag, pretending to be patriots, while chanting "Lock Her Up," "Send Her Back," or "Kill them." What I hear is "Heil Hitler."

Maybe most of the "white supremacists" are like two of the Republican women I used to know. One lived in Arizona, one lived here in Washington. I asked each the same question:  "Don't you care about the future or the environment?" They both said: "Why should I? I'll be dead." Even when I asked about their children and grandchildren, they still said: "I don't care because I'll be dead by then."

Darla O'Malley

Mount Vernon

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