Gun control. Now. A national registry. Now. Ban assault weapons and large ammo clips. Now.

Say their names.

Naval Officer Scott Kinkele. Gunned down July 29, 2000, on a beautiful summer afternoon as he made his way home to the Whidbey base after a hike up in the mountains. Killed for the hell of it by three joyriders along Highway 20.

For those of you who travel Highway 20, as you come off the Swinomish Channel bridge heading east, look for two Sequoyah trees on the south side of the lane not long after you cross the channel. A cross in between. It's where Scott's car landed after he was shot in July 2000. He would be 42 years old today. His mama's only child. She died soon afterward, some say of grief. 

Theresa L. Trebon


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