I think we all know that it’s not easy to admit when you’re wrong.

While Biden’s approval ratings are on a downhill slide, more people are realizing the mistake they made by voting against Trump.

Trump, who kept the Taliban under the rocks, would have backed out of Afghanistan (if at all) in accordance to his dictates.

For personal reasons, Biden and his puppeteers turned tail to cut and run, leaving thousands of beloved allies to suffer unimaginable fates.

Biden transformed our military into ticket takers at the gates accessible to the Taliban. As a result, 13 honorable soldiers dead, many wounded and of all these killed or injured, not a single Taliban.

In display of its stupidity, instead of hitting the first house the getaway car goes to, our intelligence whacks the second (sucker) house, killing 10 children.

While Biden has no response, he goes on TV as judge and jury and promises to “make pay” our Border Patrol who are steering their horses in order to try to hold back the barrage of border jumpers.

On TV, again, Biden declares that the Texans’ stance on abortion is “unAmerican.”

In other words, for those who actually think that life starts at conception (can you imagine that?) that they should be condemned.

Regardless of personal views, this type of loose talk is ignorantly disrespectful and highly divisive.

China manufactures fentanyl and meth, sends it to the Mexican cartel who waltzes it over Biden’s porous border.

Most of the tragedies and crime that surrounds us today can be attributed to these devils’ drugs and Biden’s lack of concern.

The misguided ways of Biden and his puppeteers will eventually destroy this country of ours, and that’s why so many more are catching on and changing their minds.

Marty McNett


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