Law enforcement in this county is important and that includes Mount Vernon.

For reasons no one seems to understand, our city is conducting a search for a replacement police chief when the obvious choice is already in temporary command until March.

Chris Cammock is a lifelong citizen of Skagit County. He graduated from Mount Vernon High School. He also held the job of the No. 2 position on the Mount Vernon Police Department for many years.

He is familiar with the workings of this city as far as law enforcement is concerned. He knows the city and its people, what works here and what doesn’t work.

His record with the MVPD has never been questioned. He shows what is right and good about our city law enforcement and he has deep connections with other agencies. Cammock was invited to attended the FBI national academy and completed this impressive offering.

What puzzles me is why Mayor Jill Boudreau is so interested in bringing someone in from the outside.

This is our tax money she is spending to conduct a very unnecessary search for a police chief when the very best person for the job is right here and he is doing the job and has done the job for almost 30 years.

I urge the mayor and our town fathers to stop spending money in a search for a chief for the Mount Vernon Police Department, and to confirm Chris Cammock as chief, immediately.

David Smailes

Mount Vernon

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