Just when we thought there were no new things about Trump to get upset about, he outdoes himself. One of our favorite things to do on the Fourth of July is to watch the wonderful Concert on the Mall on PBS. Other favorites, of course, are watching the hometown fireworks, which we and many others gladly pay for.

No other president has ever made this sacred (to Americans) holiday about themselves. It is, after all, the celebration of our beginning as frail new nation.

We now celebrate our democracy and the "American way of life." From backyard neighbor gatherings to huge city celebrations (one of my favorites was the time I was in Boston and went to hear the Boston Pops on the river, it was a transcendent experience) we celebrate our founding.

Now that Trump has decided to make himself the center in a spot where real heroes have made speeches and Marion Anderson, with the help of Eleanor Roosevelt, sang, I don't think we will be able to stomach this and will not watch.

I'm sure Trump will claim millions of people love him and wanted him to do this, even though he has received letters and strong admonitions from members of Congress pleading with him not to do this.

Leslie Krous


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