I would like to thank the Skagit Valley Herald for the excellent AP article that was published on Sunday, Nov. 3, titled “How asking a favor led to inquiry.”

This was an easy-to-understand recap of the events leading to the impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives.

As the inquiry into Trump’s behavior has developed, I have been struck by the courage, intelligence and dedication of the many public servants who have come forward. These hardworking people love our country and are dedicated to our Constitution and our democracy. Sadly, some Republicans have chosen to deride them.

I realize now that the people working on behalf of our country with professionalism and dedication are probably what Trump refers to as the “deep state.” He doesn’t like people who behave ethically because they get in his way. He and his enablers can call them names, but I want to say they are my heroes.

I only hope in the coming days that we will hear more from these people and that eventually the truth will become apparent to the vast majority of Americans. We deserve a country based on the rule of law and a true democracy that expresses the will of the people, free from foreign influence.

Judy Farrar

Mount Vernon

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