I felt very disturbed when listening to thousands of people at a Trump rally chanting "send her back, send her back" or earlier "lock her up, lock her up."

Part of me doesn't want to believe this about people in my country. It hurts. It is not hard for me to imagine a like group chanting "string him up, string him up."

The last lynching in our country, in the not too distant past, was in 1981. When I was 40 years old, Michael Donald was beaten and hung from a tree by several KKK members in Mobile, Alabama.

One of my favorite books is "The People of the Lie" by Dr. Scott Peck. It is about the psychology of evil and how denial of evil, in itself, is evil. I realize now that I have been deluding myself ever since the civil rights movement in the '60s. I lied to myself that all that ugly racial stuff was behind us and our country was on a path to fulfill the promise of our American ideals.

I was wrong.

I had turned a blind eye to the truth. The truth, it turns out, is a huge reservoir of hate went underground waiting for the right spokesman.

The Republican Party adopted them, and the South became solidly Republican. After many years, hate has chosen a new spokesman.

Hate's choice has immobilized the Republican Party. They now sit in silence, while this administration rages on with impunity against our moral, ethical and legal sense of right and wrong. In their complicity, they have become the people of the lie.

I hope all my Republican friends are having a deep internal struggle with their own souls. Denial of evil is in itself evil.

To all voters: To do nothing is complicit.

Hal Pullin

Mount Vernon

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