Let’s examine the picture to see how the ramp up to war in Iran is going with Donald Trump and his henchmen’s (Bolton, Pompeo et al.) efforts.

It all started with the withdrawal by Trump from the international nuclear deal entered into between Iran and the major Western powers to control the production of enriched plutonium by Iran. It appear this withdrawal occurred under the leadership of John Bolton and was supported by Trump's general inattention to policy issues. It was either inattention or irrationality.

Since that time, several alleged provocative incidents have happened, all charged to Iran and unsupportable by the administration. The latest, an again alleged Iranian-inspired attack on Saudi ships.

This latest manufactured provocation provided a golden opportunity for the sale of $7 billion in military support to the Saudi regime for “defense” from Iran. Trump has pulled another fast legal loophole to move ahead with this charade. We didn’t get to be the number one arms dealer in the world by playing patty cake.

Seems like the ramp up to war with Iran is right on track.  The military build-up has quickened with hundreds of additional troops authorized and fighter jets and Navy warships already threatening Iran.

You have to wonder: Where is congress in this facade? When will our representatives grow the backbone to stand for peace and diplomacy? When will Congress take back the power to declare war? Republicans are afraid to cross their president, and Democrats are wound up in investigations, while Trump is uncertain who to fire or who to bomb next.

I’m waiting for the grownups to enter the picture before it’s too late. I’m also wondering if we’ll ever regain trust in the media.

Howard Pellett


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