Dante Alighieri peopled his "Inferno," his nine levels of Hell, with people he knew, including religious and political leaders of his day.

Some of our current leaders would fit right in on the seventh and eighth levels, of violence and fraud. You know them: the ones dismissed for misusing taxpayer-funded travel options, the ones determined to destroy the very agencies they were appointed to run, the ones whose corruption enriched themselves and their families, the ones who obstructed the operations of the legislature as well as justice itself, the ones who want never-ending war. They all fit right there in Dante's cold, cold Hell.

But he failed to include a very special place in Hell … for those who tear children and babies from the arms of their parents, then lose them in the incompetence of a system twisted to be even worse than it was designed to be. Yes. There's a special place for those who steal children, and a very special place right up close to Satan himself in the coldest place in Dante's Hell for the man who ordered it done.

This is why we continue to ask: "Where are the children?"

Kenneth Field


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