Thousands of people attended Donald Trump's re-election campaign in Florida, and some waited for days just to get in. Over 150,000 ticket requests for a 20,000 seat arena.

He raised $24.8 million in 24 hours and that is more than all of the Democrats on the 2020 ticket raised in the first quarter of this year. Enthusiasm is great and the Democratic campaign has to be concerned. They are on a fast pace now to do everything they can to delegitimize him as much as possible to prevent his certain re-election.

It's outrageous that they continue with a constant barrage of attacks. They will certainly continue right up until election time, but ultimately the American people will make the best decision. Their pocketbook will speak volumes and the strong economy and low unemployment are things that will continue to keep getting better. Do you want socialism that the Democratic Party will bring you or a better America for all now and in the future under Donald Trump? It's a simple decision. Common sense would apply I would expect.

Dave Barber

Mount Vernon

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