Yes, we should have COVID-19 mandates. We have always required our children to be vaccinated for childhood diseases before they are allowed in schools to protect the other students. Why should the COVID-19 vaccine for adults and children be any different?

While it may sound reasonable that the government should not require any citizen to get an injection that they disagree with, that point of view may greatly affect the health of society as a whole.

It is like saying that the government does not have the right to pass traffic laws. I may not want to get a driver's license, wear a seat belt, stop at red lights, avoid driving while drinking alcohol or obey speed limits, but failure to do those things puts other people and myself at great risk. If I don't follow the rules, there are strict penalties that include steep fines or jail time if I cause an accident that harms another.

Why does the government that tries to reduce the number of COVID deaths by a vaccine mandate cause such a political uprising in this country? Yet, we are used to and encourage the government to pass laws that protect us from car accidents.

There should be penalties for those who refuse to get vaccinated without a legitimate reason. Hospitals should charge nonvaccinated COVID patients a high fee for not protecting themselves and other people they have been in contact with, because they will cause an unnecessary increased burden on the hospitals to care for these people.

Jack Uren

Mount Vernon

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