Last month, after walking out of a scheduled infrastructure meeting with Democrats, Trump hurried to blame Democrats for his snit, tweeting "Zero is getting done with the Democrats in charge of the House" and that "it is not possible for (Congress) to investigate and legislate at the same time.”

What was that display of un-presidential pique all about?

It certainly wasn’t about the Democratic House. Since January, that House has been legislating like mad. While it is fulfilling its constitutional responsibility by conducting investigations into this president and his administration, it has also passed more than 235 pieces of legislation, including bills addressing government’s ethical shortcomings, campaign finance reform, bills that would shore up the ACA and lower prescription drug prices and legislation to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation, create universal background checks for gun purchases, keep the U.S. in the Paris climate agreement and provide Dreamers a path to citizenship.

Could it be that Trump was tweeting a little fake news of his own?

Or maybe the president doesn’t know it is the Republican Senate, not the House, that is sitting on its hands. House legislation on ethics, voting rights, healthcare and immigration hasn't been allowed a vote in the Senate. As many have said, the Mitch McConnell Senate is where legislation the public actually supports goes to die.

Or could Trump’s tantrum have been mere deflection? Despite the many “infrastructure weeks” declared by the White House, Trump and his party have produced no infrastructure plan Senate Republicans will support ( Every day, they show no more interest in fixing the nation’s deteriorating roads and bridges than they do in fair elections, voting rights or peoples’ health.

Again and again, instead of providing real solutions, Trump offers playground drama, while McConnell’s Senate does nothing at all.

Ken Winkes


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