Bernie Sanders is like most politicians who take financial advantage of their position in Washington. However, since he owns a $2 million estate on Champlain Islands, a Colonial home in Burlington, Vermont, and a half-million-dollar row house in D.C., his disparaging rhetoric against the 1% of our nation’s earners (who, unlike him, have actually done the work to build this nation), is by definition, hypocritical hogwash.

But, it’s his admiration for Fidel Castro and support of communism that should alarm voters. In 2006, Forbes magazine estimated Castro’s worth at over $900 million. Yet Cuban workers, from doctors to teachers and dentists to farmers, all subsisted on a meager “mandated living wage,” all while the Castro brothers ruled that nation in the lap of luxury.

Paul Kengor, a professor of history and political science, has written many books on the evils of socialism and communism. He warned that if America were to be ruled by these same dictates, our nation would also end up with 99% of the nation living at the poverty level, with the 1% confiscating all wealth and property.

Historian Eugene Genovese and his wife Elizabeth, who once published the Marxists Perspectives Magazine, eventually became disillusioned by communism. They told the National Review on Feb. 24, 1997, that, “when the Soviet Union went kaput after 70 years, all what we had to show for it was tens of millions of corpses.”

So take your pick, whether it be socialism or communism, it’s about leaders seeking total control and enriching themselves.

Because history gives us a bird’s-eye view of these deceptive and authoritative forms of government, those who love our nation should not support any presidential candidate who seeks to lead our sacred land into the clutches of such devastating evil.

Linda Wales

Mount Vernon

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