The scientific method and historical analysis are the most powerful tools ever developed to advance human understanding. The scientific method literally created the modern world. Still, there are many who reject the conclusions of science and the evidence of history.

1. “The world is flat.” Two percent of Americans believe this nonsense.

2. “The sun revolves around the Earth.” Incredibly, 25% of Americans believe this foolishness (National Public Radio 2/14/14).

3. “The Holocaust never happened.” If you believe this you are certainly ignorant and probably evil. The Nazis killed more than six million people in death camps.

4. “The Apollo moon missions were faked.” Are you kidding?

5. “White people are superior to other 'races.'” First, race does not exist. We are all Homo Sapiens; one species and one “race.” Human differences are limited to minor variations like skin color, hair color, eye color, etc. The maximum genetic difference between humans is less than 1/10th of 1%. Poorly educated people often confuse the false concept of race with culture. Culture and values differ greatly among humans, but they are in no way related to genetics. Skin color cannot and does not determine behavior.

6. “Evolution does not exist.” Starting 3.5 billion years ago, all life forms on Earth developed from primitive single-celled organisms. If you don’t accept evolution, be my guest. The next time you or a family member has a serious bacterial infection, demand that your physician use first-generation antibiotics developed in the 1940s. Through mutation and natural selection, truly lethal bacteria have evolved that are resistant to almost all antibiotics. Many of the early antibiotic medications are about as useful as sugar water. This is evolution in action, and evolution is a real, verifiable and ongoing process.

Science is not the enemy of faith.

James Winchester

La Conner 

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