Why Heather Shand Perkins for Superior Court Judge? She is the only candidate with experience on the bench.

The three lawyers running for the judge position in Skagit Valley all have law experience, but only one has experience leading court cases from the bench, and that is Heather Shand Perkins.

Heather, in her current role as Superior Court commissioner has presided over cases, made determinations and listened to lawyers who stand before her presenting cases. She was placed in this role because the current judges believed she was qualified to uphold the law and lead a courtroom justly.

Experience is what we look for in physicians, nurses, teachers, welders, auto mechanics and home builders. It is what we should look for in someone who will hold the title and honor of being one of Skagit County Superior Court judges and for this reason, I highly recommend a vote for Heather Shand Perkins.

Christina Jepperson


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