We have been invaded by an airborne virus. It is highly contagious and often deadly.

We know we can greatly reduce the transmission of this virus by covering our nose and mouth with a filter, such as a scarf, or even better with a surgical mask.

We also know that we can even more easily prevent transmission through vaccination.

When we choose to use both methods — masks and vaccination — we can be pretty confident in our personal safety, and more importantly, reduce the risk of our giving the virus to others.

These facts have been known for some time.

So now with few exceptions, anyone who is eligible for the vaccine and refuses it, then gets COVID, is a volunteer. Why anyone would choose to get COVID puzzles me.

It seems that anyone who produces false information that confuses others from seeing how to protect themselves should be held accountable for any resulting cases of COVID.

Deliberately spreading a deadly virus must be some kind of crime. Passing lies about methods of self-protection is deliberately spreading that virus.

Is it reckless endangerment or worse?

Paul Strand

Mount Vernon

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So, if I have a dissenting view, I'm automatically spreading lies and there should be"consequences". Paul Strand, really?

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