It's beautiful to see more folks, young and old, speaking the true need for climate change action.

As the Democratic debates continue, I hope candidates will propose bold climate solutions that will provide us the healthier, livable future we all deserve. Fortunately, climate change seems to be more on the radar of political leaders than it used to be, though I think it could still use more attention.

In reversing climate change, leaders would be wise to mix technological solutions (such as renewable energy, electrification of transportation, energy-efficient building practices, etc.) with Earth-based methods of carbon drawdown (such as planting trees, preserving existing forests and practicing regenerative agriculture). Exciting research continues to emerge on the carbon drawdown potential of planting cover crops, like clover, hairy vetch and other nitrogen-fixing legumes, instead of tilling the soil. Cover crops enrich soil with carbon and prevent erosion.

And of course, forests are champions when it comes to sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. Replanting previously logged areas and protecting them from future development or intensive logging is essential for long-term planetary health.

Choices that our elected leaders make now to safeguard America's glorious outdoors will have lasting positive climate impacts. Let's speak up.

Rebecca Canright


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