As a Christian I can't help but feel God may be at the end of His patience. Our nation, and the world for that matter, has taken a major turn for the worse. There is no doubt, evil is afoot.

What is most alarming is this sinful downturn is becoming acceptable and routine. Crime and immorality are rampant and people are looking to psychics, palm readers and horoscopes for answers.

It's now more admissible spending hours on devices or watching violent or seductive movies instead of anything spiritual or educational. Our colleges are breeding grounds for anti-American radicalization and the brainwashing of our youth, and sanctuary cities condone the homeless using drugs on the streets.

Our government leaders are more interested in dividing our nation than unifying it, and if that wasn't bad enough, liberal leaders are now compounding this downturn even further with socialist propaganda.

The very conscience and pride of America is slipping away in a fog of discontent and debauchery.

Seeking truth in a world of deception is not easy, but we need to get down from the bleachers and start standing up against the evil and corrupt players of this world.

Although we cannot change what's already taken place, each of us may be able to change what the future holds. The heart and soul of America is worth fighting for.

Linda Wales

Mount Vernon

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