I’m excited that more climate change solutions and environmental protection measures were enacted by our wonderful state this legislative session.

Lawmakers wisely passed SB 5116, which transitions us to 100 percent clean energy (a mixture of solar, wind, existing hydroelectricity and methane biogas) by 2045. They also passed bills that would invest in energy-efficient and sustainable building infrastructure and public transportation, and protect marine life like orca whales. Next year, I hope our lawmakers will pass a bill to tackle plastic pollution.

Our state sails with flying colors toward meaningful climate action, regardless of federal ineptitude. Rather than focus too much on the largeness of environmental challenges, let’s focus on what positive actions we can take collectively.

Being the loving change we wish to see in the world sets a powerful example to those around us. Simple switches like eating more plants, opting for public transportation, recycling and composting what we can radically improves our environmental footprint.

Taking our action beyond our own lives has an even greater reach — calling, writing and meeting with our legislators. Volunteering with ecological restoration groups and planting trees (even in our backyard) also contributes to local land-based healing. 

Rebecca Canright


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