Our school district needs Holly Nielsen as a Burlington-Edison School Board member.

She is personally invested in the workings and operations of our district. She is driven to see that all students receive a fair, appropriate education. She desires to see that public funds are spent wisely and budgets are met. As a counselor and mental health manager, she brings expertise to the table that few can.

Our district needs to be held accountable for questionable actions and not be allowed to sweep issues under the table.

We need new eyes for positive change and no more complacency.

B-ESD’s assessment scores place them at 211th out of 245 districts in Washington. That puts our performance level in the bottom 14% of our state. Our students deserve better. We desperately need a change. We need people like Holly Nielsen who care and desire better for our children.

Vote Holly Nielsen for B-E School Board to make positive changes in our education system.

Stacey Van Zanten


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