Support our teachers. They are fighting for our children because legislators in Olympia won’t.

A Supreme Court ruling mandated that the Legislature fully fund basic education. The law is being ignored. Now certain politicians want to blame teachers for the legislative logjam that is paralyzing Olympia, and thus threatening educational opportunities for our youths.

A number of lawmakers do not support public education. Rather than come right out and say so, they instead resort to deception and disinformation. They tell us there is not enough money to adequately fund education, and then they attack teachers with all sorts of outrageous and disingenuous accusations.

Sure, there is enough money. Oops, I mean there would be more than enough if legislators stopped giving billion-dollar tax breaks to Boeing, Microsoft and other huge multinational conglomerates. For every $1 invested in education, corporations and their rich shareholders receive $7 in tax breaks.

Your legislators need to hear from you. Tell them to stop playing politics. Tell them to do their job. Tell them to fully fund education. Tell them teachers and other school employees deserve fair compensation. Tell them smaller classes are needed. Tell them to end tax breaks for the rich. And tell them you support our teachers.

Without public education, there is no future for democracy.

Richard Austin

Mount Vernon

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