Your front-page feature (July 11) of the Tennessee man, Mr. Gibbs, who has been unable to secure a driver's license in 20 years prompted this observation: the cost of a license in Tennessee under the "hardship" provision is $9 and is good for eight years. As he is photographed smoking a cigarette, I'd have to wonder where he got the funds to buy them.

However, the story of his misfortune is written as if he is a victim of "the legal system," but he has certainly done his part to get to his present dilemma. Now, the current lineup of Democratic presidential hopefuls all pledged to give medical care (free, of course) to the population here illegally. This is in addition to the already generous "benefits" that have been provided to noncitizens for many years.

I have a better idea. How about we take care of our own citizens, who, like Mr. Gibbs, obviously need a huge helping hand?

Buy him a car ... pay for his license ... provide a decent home for him and his parents, and offer job training, all things that would give him a chance at success, and, in the end, enable him to become a productive citizen, and contribute to a stronger nation.

Just a suggestion.

Jinni Fleming


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