Thanksgiving is here. As we sit around our tables full of good things to eat and celebrate life with family and friends, we need to stop for just a moment and figure out from where this overabundance of food came.

The food on your table was provided by a farmer and a whole bunch of farmworkers. We need to make sure that we give thanks to the farmworkers who are out there doing the heavy lifting on farms and providing us with our food that doesn’t cost enough.

Most of the immigrants who do the real work on farms are people who are not supposed to be in the United States. Unless you grow all your own food, there is not any food on your table that has not been touched by people who are not supposed to be working in the U.S. The people who pick the fruits and vegetables, milk the cows and pack the meat need to be thanked for their hard work and long hours doing work that most American-born people would rather not do.

To those of you who are opposed to immigration reform, you need to stop eating. By buying food, you are making it possible for immigrant farmworkers to live in the U.S.

So we have two choices: Stop eating, or set up a system where people who are needed to work on farms here are able to stay so that you and your family can eat.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and remember to thank a hardworking farmworker for the abundance of food that we all enjoy.

Ray de Vries

Mount Vernon

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