It’s Thanksgiving again. That means it’s time to analyze where the food on your table comes from and to give thanks to the people who put it there.

Some of us have been able to stay at home and self-isolate due to a pandemic, but we’re only able to do that because somebody else is putting food on our table.

We need to give a big thank you to all the folks working on farms who have been wearing masks to protect themselves until the vaccine came out. They continue to work long days in whatever weather conditions the day brings to make sure we have a wide variety of foods to eat.

Many people who work on farms do not have legal status, and some have paid a significant sum to cross the border to do work that most U.S-born people do not want to do. So how about we address the issue of farmworkers without documentation? Let’s provide a system where people who have been law-abiding residents are able to get legal status so they don’t have to look over their shoulders and fear deportation, leaving their U.S.-born children behind.

Be thankful for the wide variety of foods that are available because very little fruits or vegetables would be picked, cows milked or meat packed without the faithful workers who come to work every day.

Ray de Vries

Mount Vernon

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