How many Americans are domestic terrorists seeking to overthrow our federal government and subvert the rule of law?

The horrific insurrection on Jan. 6 at the U.S. capitol where thousands of armed terrorists met minimal resistance and assaulted the Capitol building to prevent the peaceful transfer of power to the legally elected incoming Biden-Harris administration indicates our horrible reality.

One wonders how high up terrorist infiltration into government institutions goes.

The rise of white supremacist militias in America and around the world is well documented by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the current issue of Time. The efficacy of spreading anti-government propaganda on social media such as Facebook is without peer.

The federal government isn’t doing much about it, allowing internal insurrection and baseless conspiracy theories to multiply and to assist in the recruitment of terrorists. Those in Congress such as Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and their cohort abetted Trump’s lies in their attempt to overturn votes for Biden-Harris with zero evidence.

It seems ironic that taxpayers fund $730 billion for military spending while next to nothing is spent to combat this internal cancer.

Totalitarian governments gained enormously from Trump’s presidency at bargain-basement prices. Trump, cyberhacking, the insurrection and social media propaganda have seriously damaged U.S. standing in the world.

Will we cede our country to white supremacists and Nazis who dehumanize anyone nonwhite or nonchristian, or will we demand that the federal government preserve our republic, uphold the rule of law and strive to provide liberty and justice for all?

Gena DiLabio

Mount Vernon

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