Black lives matter, blue lives matter, all lives matter? The question we need to ask is, what’s the matter ... with us?

This summer has brought racial chaos in multiple cities. Demonstrations were rightly brought on by the video of a police officer putting pressure on a Black man’s neck until he died.

More Black people have been killed during arrests since that event. Police have been wounded and killed since that event. Legitimate demonstrations have been hijacked by extremists, right and left, causing looting and rioting.

Our president has planted his feet firmly on the side of one camp. He is for law and order, blames Democrats for problem cities and insists all demonstrators are anarchists. Our nation is so habituated to the twisting of truth, we don’t believe what our eyes see.

Our president refuses to lead the whole country. He is not a negotiator; he is a pugnacious fighter. With our president, there must be a winner and hence a loser. This is the reason there has been no task force to deal with the problem of police brutality and racism. No meeting of church leaders, police leaders, community activists, union members.

I am not anti-police. I have never had a negative experience with the police. I have compassion for anyone living with the amount of stress these people are living with daily. My family tree looks like the United Nations, how could I not be concerned for all my relatives of color, whom I love?

More people in law enforcement will be injured and killed in their work. More people of color will be killed by police. Our president has to have a winner and a loser. Trump wins; the people of the United States lose.

Beverly Laudermilk


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