Over decades, I have watched the leadership of the party of JFK and Scoop Jackson evolve from defenders of our Constitution to a group of power-hungry elites bent on discarding our country’s founding principles. They envy the power of the ruling elites in other societies and hunger for unchecked access to national wealth.

They view average citizens as deplorables, regardless of political party affiliation. The idea they should be accountable to such people is abhorrent to them, and the Democratic Party claim to "Party of the People" is a fantasy today.

We have reached a major fork in the road to our country’s future, and the Democrats' route promises to radically transform the lives of Americans. What is sought here is something no foreign power has ever achieved — control of the American people.

These people with their radical vision for our children’s future must be overwhelmingly rejected and replaced with, dare I say it, Democrat patriots. It is a bridge too far to expect loyal Democrats to vote Trump for president, however blindly voting for the guy with the "D" by his name is self-destructive.

There is a third choice. Democrat voters can abstain from voting for president, throw out the radicals and begin a return to Party of the People with new leadership.

Roger Barber

Mount Vernon

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Rich A

At 79 years of age, and having been an active Democrat for a period time spanning seven decades, I can unequivocally say that your premise is a lot of malarkey. I’m afraid you got us mixed up with the GOP.

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