A recently spotted bumper sticker read: “I’m a Catholic and I vote.” Does that mean this person is one of those ready to sacrifice our country on every issue — the environment, education, health care, equality — over abortion?

If abortion opponents are truly sincere about the sanctity of human life, then they should stand against war. They should stand against the death penalty. They should support “cradle-to-the-grave” government health care for all.

If they sincerely believe life is sacred, they should support birth control so women don’t have to “choose.”

The Eighth Amendment of the Constitution states: “Cruel and unusual punishments [shall not be] inflicted,” but says nothing about the sanctity of the unborn. When women, regardless of age and circumstances, are denied choice, particularly in rape, incest or life-threatening instances, it’s not only an unusually cruel punishment — it becomes a human rights violation.

How cruel is it to force an 11-year-old child victim of rape to bear the consequences of that violation? She’s not old enough to vote, but must bear a child resulting from an attack? She should be comforted, not penalized. Or perhaps women should be given the right to vote when they begin menstruation?

It seems that sincere female abortion opponents are being used by devious men to get their vote by focusing on this one issue. The real issue is not, in fact, the sanctity of human life — see the above related issues — the real issue is about power over women.

If these men against abortion were truly sincere about the sanctity of human life, they would put their money where their mouth is and get vasectomies after their second child.

Helge Andersson


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